Lessons come complete with undivided attention, collaboration with other instructors as needed, mechanical instruction, mental preparation, practice planning, goal setting, and much more. We take our time in getting to know each individual athlete and their personal nuances which go beyond the complexity of mechanical form. Perhaps we need to send a pitcher for a Function Movement Screening due to muscle imbalances, or refer you to a specialist physician for pain. Whatever it is, parents frequently find themselves at ease when their daughter is under our care.

To Schedule or Inquire

To schedule or inquire about pitching, hitting, fielding or catching lessons, please e-mail us at blackcatfastpitch@gmail.com.

Evaluation Process

Athletes seeking private pitching and hitting lessons will complete a one and a half hour evaluation for pitching, or a one hour evaluation for hitting.  In the evaluation lesson, Coach Leigh or Coach Jen will discuss your mechanics, mentality, approach, goals, trajectory, major and minor issues, and a plan for moving forward.  After the evaluation lessons, pitchers ages 8u-12u will be recommended into either private 1:1  lessons or group lessons.

Private Pitching Lessons

We offer private lessons for ages 10 & up, and on a case by case basis for ages 8-10.  Private lessons are also available for hitting, catching, and fielding.  Both Coach Jen and Coach Leigh are Certified Tincher Pitching Instructors, dedicated to implementing techniques and mechanics that are attuned to the female athlete’s body composition.  Our informed approach is well beyond the norm, from our knowledge of the cause of injuries to the necessary trajectories for elite performance.

Group Pitching Lessons

Group pitching lessons are offered for athletes ages 8-12u, whose skills are better suited for a group environment before entering private lessons on a 1:1 basis.

Private Hitting/Catching/Defense Lessons

Coach Leigh runs private hitting and catching lessons, and Coach Jen runs private defense lessons.  Lesson instruction is approached with a high level of research and scientifically informed skills incorporating the latest and most cutting edge techniques and foundations.

For more information on lesson rates and to schedule an evaluation, please e-mail us at blackcatfastpitch@gmail.com